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I Worte last week about young balck man named Al twnety years I met in East Sussex, in a shop where he worked. We made ​​an appointment on Wednesday to meet this week and he was in the hotel where he stayed for the night. I called and asked what Wated to take, he said, and as agreed, we met in a bar boobs near the hotel, who was dressed in a leather skirt thigh boots Mini black, low cut - the top cream , Basque and stockings, no panties, as requested. He turned in a pair of tight jeans, tight white top, no socks, but sexy soft shoes. When he entered, approached the bar kissed me deeply with his tongue, and felt my ass, and said : You look hot dog. We went to sit in a corner of the bar, had a large vodka and tonic and a pint of what it looked so cute and my boobs and legs and kissed my neck and lips, and was soon on my finger fucking the table, I feel his cock was huge Ing, which was more difficult for the latter. I unzipped and pulleds my hand on his pants and told him I would do anything for his cock. He smiled and told me that I had married his white bitch and whore and was going to fuck his brains out whenever I wanted. Shortly after we returned to the hotel reception, while always the key, that sought openly told my doorman that was promised to the night. If we roomHe undressed and told me that the head that I was I was boobs on my knees, I soon came boobs to the throat, and then sat down and told me to leave marks on my half-boots and Basque I did and then lay in bed and played with me until I got mail was between my legs licking my pussy to another orgasm boobs and rimming ass and fingereing the two holes, stood by him and his wonderful 12 ' thick penis was fully erect and hard, and kicked me with two keystrokes to tell me what a cock hungry slag was and what I needed real shit, not me ma, some white motherfuckera man, he fucked me like a wild animal, cursed me and pulled my hair much more secure and resilient tha first time, this was was great. He fucked me for about 20 minutes before arrival and extended deep into me, told me lick clean and hard and it was hard to come back very quickly and turned around and grabbed my dog and patted my ass before long little in the ass with his monster cock, which was heaven, the next three hours, I rode, he grabbed my face and my tits and holes that he boobs quickly took me cuming ª treated roughly during the entire three hours em until it is shaken and sore throat, and then he fucked me again. I fell asleep and woke me watch August 1 boobs licks her pussy and he fucked me again. I had to stay for two nights and stayed for two, for me to go home next Tuesday, because my husband is in France and will eat your shit again, as he called me. He has a friendin London with a huge cock and equallyof the same age, we will also see what arraneg for a triple in two Wekso time. He photographed this moment to show his friend boobs what a sexy bitch is now condemned. It was the bestsex I've had, and I'm going to do anything.
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